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The Ethics Charter developed by Rentabiliweb sets out the professional principles of action, allowing those in the company to benefit from a reference document in terms of behaviour, which can be referred in the event of an internal crisis. It allows employees to contact the person in charge of ethics in the country or entity concerned, or to refer a matter to the Group Ethics Committee in the event of a dispute. The Group Ethics Committee is chaired by Corinne Chatal, Vice Chairman of the Rentabiliweb Group.


Our products and services meet criteria of excellence. Each of our decisions, and those of our associations or our partners is made with a concern for transparency and integrity with regards to our clients, our partners, our employees and our shareholders.


The websites published under the responsibility of Rentabiliweb are subject to increased surveillance. In the same vein, the confidentiality of the data which we gather from all those in relation with our Group is protected.


A listed company on compartment B of Euronext Brussels and Paris, Rentabiliweb Group presents audited, validated accounts. The Group publishes its accounts according to IFRS standards and scrupulously respects the legal and fiscal obligations of the administrative and financial authorities in France and Europe. The Group attaches particular importance to the equal treatment of shareholders and to strict confidentiality. It has also set itself the duty of transparency and regular communication with the financial markets.


All our technical and sales teams provide the interface between our services and the webmasters and/or web users. Thanks to the different subsidiaries of the Group across three continents (America, Europe, Asia), assistance can be offered to webmasters 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.