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Eperflex e-mail retargeting

Eperflex, an innovative e-mail retargeting solution

Specialized in performance-based monetization solutions, Rentabiliweb, through its subsidiary R’Publishing, is pushing its innovation even further by developing Eperflex, an e-mail retargeting solution for Internet advertisers (namely online retailers) and publishers.

E-mail retargeting is a marketing technique that involves re-contacting visitors to an Internet site, who could not be identified by the advertiser, via an e-mail campaign.

This technology, offered by the Rentabiliweb Group, is the first of its kind in France. It is based on a non-intrusive, completely anonymous cross-referenced targeting tool that enables an advertiser to find potential customers that came to look up a product on their site and to send these prospects a customized offer via e-mail. This technology offers a diverse range of retargeting scenarios, special programs and promotional campaigns.

This new offer is also geared towards publishers and webmasters, who can test Eperflex free-of-charge and generate new income with zero risk thanks to the fully automated solution (retargeted e-mail shots up to payment, with everything managed automatically by the Eperflex platform).

Eperflex is the 1st solution enabling you to carry out personalized retargeting via e-mail.