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RENTABILIWEB: Be2bill increases revenues by up to 10.7%

Published 2013-10-16


A/B test result: Be2bill increases revenues by up to 10.7%

Brussels, 16 October 2013

A study* conducted by AB Tasty, a company specialised in online comparative tests, confirms the decisive influence of the payment solution Be2bill (Rentabiliweb group) on merchant site shopping cart conversion rates.

Over fifteen days of intense activity (during the sales), AB Tasty carried out an A/B test between Be2bill and a payment solution provided by a traditional bank on its client site

  • for all transactions, Be2bill obtained a conversion rate that was 7.1% higher than the bank
  • for transactions from new customers, Be2bill’s conversion rate outperformed the bank by 10.7%.

During the study, these testing operations scored a 99.7% accuracy rating.

This study shows Be2bill’s positive influence on merchant site conversion rates, which does not require additional effort from the merchant.

The AB Tasty test confirmed that, for equivalent website traffic, our revenue increased just by changing our payment solution,” stated Thierry Flechet, President of MODZ.

Payment is a key stage in online sales. With an optimised payment solution that aims to boost ‘conversion rates’, merchants can now maximise their revenues and their profitability for equivalent website traffic,” added Thibaut Faurès Fustel de Coulanges, the Rentabiliweb Europe CEO.

On the strength of these results, the Rentabiliweb Group has decided to launch a more comprehensive comparative study, in order to measure its Be2bill payment solution against the solutions offered by the main traditional French banks. This study will be incorporated into a more extensive report on online payment, which will be published in 2014.

* Source AB Tasty :