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The GOBILAB Project

Awareness of environmental issues and eco-design

It is important to be aware of the huge volume of plastic cups and bottles used in companies every year, the pollution and waste this generates and the financial loss it represents. While recycling is a step in favour of the environment, it is still only a palliative or corrective measure.

Actual statistics and data:

  • Taking the average weight of a plastic cup to be 4g, every company employee generates an average of 2.6kg of waste annually from plastic cups alone.
  • 2 billion plastic cups are used every year in France at water fountains, coffee machines, etc. This represents an annual volume of 16,000 tonnes of waste. (source: Eco-Collectoor)
  • Every individual uses an average of 650 plastic cups a year from Monday to Friday and a hundred or so small plastic bottles in the course of everyday life.
  • According to latest estimates (2009), over 100 million tonnes of plastic waste is dispersed across the world’s oceans, with 80% of it originating on land. The bulk of this waste is made up of items designed to be used once and then thrown away.

  • “Gobi”, the new way of drinking water

    Gobi is the invention of Gobilab, a recent startup launched by three entrepreneurs in June 2010. On 23 November 2012, Rentabiliweb handed out customisable Gobi bottles to its 200 employees to replace all other forms of container. Gobi is the fruit of 10 months of R&D and eco-design, a project supported by French environment and energy management agency Ademe.

    Features of the Gobi and the Rentabiliweb Gobi in particular

    • Issued to each Group employee by name,
    • “Tags” (the plastic base of the bottle) in a wide choice of colours for employees to choose from,
    • Echoing the Group’s visual identity, it uses the familiar Ninja image with the words “a gift from your Chairman“, who initiated the project,
    • Robust, BPA-free, perfect for everyday use with no risk to health (no leaching),
    • Dishwasher-proof or washable by hand,
    • 100% Made in France (produced in Val de Marne),
    • Innovative design so that a Gobi can be customised as often as the user wishes, making it a unique personal object (choice of tag colours and card message).

    Rentabiliweb is drumming up support

    For a truly innovative product designed to bring about a real change to a more responsible form of consumption.
    Gobi is inspired by three values:

    1. Reinventing the reusable drinking bottle for indoor and outdoor use to make it an attractive proposition, reduce environmental impacts and guarantee absolute safety from health risks.
    2. Launching internal communication to encourage a positive reception, maintain support and make Gobi a shared project within the company.
    3. Providing easier access to “packaging-free” water points at the office and throughout France to maximise the use of Gobi and other reusable water containers (
    Click here to find water refill points available in France:

    Rentabiliweb and “Sustainable Development Day”

    In support of the project, the Rentabiliweb Group and GobiLab have joined forces in a partnership designed to bring about real changes in everyday behaviour. Their approach is officially part of European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR), sponsored by Ademe, and sets the finishing touch to the Rentabiliweb Group’s commitment to CSR.

    Our long-term aim is to establish an ethical approach that calls for greater awareness within the Group, appropriate investment and optimising employee performance by:

    • cutting back on the use of disposable containers as a waste reduction measure,
    • involving employees at the everyday level in greater environmental responsibility,
    • making a real change in people’s behaviour to help steer the firm along the path to sustainable development.