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Payment and direct debit

Rentabiliweb is the first French company to have been approved by the Banque de France and the French Prudential Supervisory Authority as a payment institution. This approval now allows Rentabiliweb to sell its innovative and optimised solution for payment by bank card on the Internet and by mobile with all French and European e-commerce traders.

The Group is now authorised by law to provide payment services in the sense of article L314-1 II of the French monetary and financial code and particularly categories 3 and 5, namely to make transfers, including standing orders, to issue payments and to acquire payment orders via bank card. It can also offer services to maintain, record and process data.

Rentabiliweb is also the first company to have benefited from the European passport procedure after obtaining authorisation in Germany, the UK, Spain and Luxembourg. The Group also intends to accompany the international development of its clients in the UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Romania.

All the payment and transaction systems are secure and approved. Obtaining the PCI (Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard) authorisation, renewed every three months since April 2008, is recognition of the compliance of Rentabiliweb’s securisation and transaction systems with the highest security standards used by Visa/American Express/ Mastercard in terms of processing credit card data.