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The Rentabiliweb group offers professionals and webmasters the largest platform of secure payment solutions to monetise access to their services and content on the Internet and mobile phones: Games, fee-paying games, articles, videos, etc. The catalogue displays all the methods of payment currently available, some of which are available exclusively: (Audiotel and surcharged SMS, Internet+ / KML, prepaid cards, Paypal, bank card, etc.) and the offer is available in France, including overseas departments and territories, and over 40 countries.

Amongst the recent innovations, Rentabiliweb launched Offerpass (, a French payment platform sponsored on Facebook. This innovative solution is part of the high-performance marketing market in which the Group has been a pioneer since 2004 with strong brands such as Topoffres, ConsoClient and Mailorama. It is a new means of payment which allows advertisers to sponsor the virtual item desired by the surfer with an action on their site or on their Facebook applications. Regarding the web visitors and cyber-buyers, there are real benefits as in exchange for registering to a newsletter, filling in a form and a request for documentation, for example, they receive one or more micropayment codes provided by the sponsors. Another recent innovation which was launched in March 2011 is the possibility for traders and webmasters to create their own virtual money (credits) which can be fully configured and which is in line with current trends in the online gaming market. In particular, it allows players to obtain credits either by using one of the Rentabiliweb methods of payment or by subscribing to the offers of the sponsors and partners of Offerpass. Rentabiliweb has the operator licences L33-1 and L34-1 delivered by ARCEP. The Group has its own telecoms and SMS platform and has rolled out its infrastructure in several server rooms in Europe.