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Rentabiliweb has recognised expertise in loyalty solutions and direct marketing. Based on the technique of dedicated e-mailing, offers advertisers a high-performance direct marketing programme with strong sales effects. This loyalty scheme, which is particularly appreciated by advertisers, results in much higher returns than with traditional forms of direct marketing. The loyalty scheme currently counts some 1.5 million cyber-shoppers, whose detailed profile allows advertisers to target their clients depending on their sex, age, geographical location, family, social-professional criteria or centres of interest. Mailorama recorded an audience of some 5 million unique visitors per month in February 2011.

In a context of economic slowdown and difficult purchasing power, also offers web visitors cash-back solutions so that they can benefit, for free and with no commitment, from promotional offers and one-off reductions from over 200 partners. The programme selects the best offers from the web and generates the loyalty of its members and cyber-buyers depending on their centres of interest and their purchases.

Amongst the innovations launched by Mailorama in 2011, is the launch of Mailocash ( This programme automatically detects the e-commerce players who offer the largest reduction on a product. This tool also displays promotion codes, reductions, cash-back and current offers. Installation is totally free and generates additional income for web-visitors from their first purchase.

By surfing the net, the consumer will be directly informed of current promotions. Even better, with Mailocash, consumers are alerted personally and directly about exceptional, targeted promotional offers such as flash sales or destocking operations negotiated by Mailorama.

Mailorama also offers mobility solutions with, in particular an extension of its mobile loyalty scheme via SMS as well as a Smartphone offering (iPhone in particular). These solutions allow advertisers to carry out tailor-made geo-marketing actions (web to store). They also enable the promotion and focus of apps on the stores concerned (AppStore) in a high-performance model.

Amongst the clients and partners of the loyalty schemes and the direct marketing solutions: La Redoute, Yves Rocher, Orange, La Française des jeux, Fnac, Maison de Valerie, PMU, Bouygues Telecom, Mister Gooddeal, Voyages SNCF, Priceminister, etc.

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