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Online polls and survey solutions

With its expertise in the management of marketing databases and high-performing solutions for gaining clients, Rentabiliweb now provides advertisers with leading solutions to acquire new clients and to make their advertising investments profitable, with two solutions for online polls and surveys: Conso Client and Panel&Co;!

These two new solutions allow users to improve their knowledge of online clients, to identify and solicit prospective clients in order to increase the value of advertisers’ offers and to generate more sales on the Internet and on portable devices.

Several extremely innovative tools have been integrated in these offers, such as the possibility for the buyer to explain the reasons behind his purchase and to publish a review of the vendor.

The launch of these two online poll and survey solutions is part of Rentabiliweb’s strategy which is based on the permanent status of its databases and the quality of the services proposed exclusively to the members of its online loyalty schemes.

Direct marketing and loyalty schemes ? Online polling and survey solutions