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Publishing digital content (B2C)

An entertainment platform for the general public

Backed by its technological capacities in terms of services, Rentabiliweb has developed a general public publishing division dedicated to entertainment.

Moving from “monetising” audiences, the Group gradually became a “creator” of audiences with a platform of services which covers all types of entertainment for the general public: casual gaming, dating, personal services, well-being, feminine publications, live entertainment, entertainment, astrology and clairvoyance, and humour.

Across its network of proprietary sites, the Group’s total audience is estimated at over 50 million visits per month, positioning Rentabiliweb amongst the top 10 French-speaking audiences across the world.

The strength of the business model consists in covering all the topics of loyalty-generating publishing and joining a massive audience on a network of sites covering general public entertainment.

The command of monetisation tools such as the management of subscriptions, add-ons, the capacity to enrich the Group’s databases and to optimise the cost of acquisition ensure the success of the content edited by the Rentabiliweb Group.