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CSR approach

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an approach that seeks performance not only in financial but also in social and environmental terms.

That is why the Rentabiliweb Group has embarked on an internal campaign covering 4 themes: waste paper recycling, everyday use of recycled materials, responsible food and drink sourcing and energy saving.

Optimisation and use of 100% recycled supplies

Since 2011, Rentabiliweb has focused its purchasing strategy on reducing costs and reducing its environmental impact by:
  • providing waste paper recycling bins,
  • purchasing recycled supplies,
  • purchasing Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PRCF) certified products when replacing office furniture,
  • cutting down on the use of plastic cups: the Gobilab Project sponsored by French environment and energy management agency Ademe (for SERD).

Recy’go papiers, the office waste paper collection service offered by La Poste

Rentabiliweb uses the Recy’Go service offered by the French post office, La Poste, whereby the postman or woman delivering/collecting company mail also collects office waste paper. Collection by a sworn postal worker also ensures that confidential information is protected.
The operation also involves providing every employee with an Éco’belle® bin exclusively for recyclable waste paper. Rentabiliweb uses the proceeds from waste paper recycling to help fund “pathways to integration” employment schemes enabling people to find/return to work.

Internal energy saving programme

Through simple gestures and “green” reflexes such as:

  • switching out lights when leaving a room,
  • putting electrical equipment on standby mode between 11pm and 6am,
  • switching off printers and computer screens when not in use,
  • using the stairs instead of lifts.

Responsible food and drink sourcing programme

Rentabiliweb Europe has undertaken to source and supply a range of Fair Trade and organic food products in its offices. Rentabiliweb’s policy is to select suppliers according to the quality of the products they offer, in the interests of its employees’ health and a fair price to producers.

We offer all our employees in Paris:

  • a choice of Fair Trade coffees,
  • a range of nutritional biscuits and cereal bars, to help reduce the consumption of chocolate bars,
  • a selection of organic fruit juices, to help reduce consumption of carbonated drinks containing chemical additives.