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Corporate culture

As soon as the Group was founded, Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier wanted to establish a participatory management style to give his teams the opportunity to evolve, whilst respecting everyone and promoting equal opportunities. Always close, available and attentive to his employees, over the years Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier has been able to generate the commitment and contribution of his colleagues to permanent innovation and the progress of the company’s performance. Rentabiliweb is also a model for applying human relations within the company.

This form of management, supported by all of the management board promotes communication, dialogue and also rigour and high standards. This results in the birth of a veritable Rentabiliweb corporate culture, a melting pot of excellence and success.

Rentabiliweb and its management are extremely attached to the quality of the work of the teams, that’s why each year several thousand stock options are issued and distributed amongst the most effective employees. The management issues a stock option plan distributed across the Group’s best-performing employees, irrespective of their position in the hierarchy of Rentabiliweb.

Rentabiliweb and its management attach much importance to the quality of life of their employees. Each year, career plans and salaries are followed closely. Rentabiliweb is in fact the first company to have negotiated with catering companies and created the first meal voucher scheme directly within the company in Russia, a country in which such a facility did not exist.