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Audience for third parties B2B

Rentabiliweb is above all a specialist in the monetisation of digital and offline audiences; these new businesses linked to the growth in the Internet consist in generating profit from the digital audience of a website or a mobile phone service.

Amongst the tools proposed by Rentabiliweb:
  • Micropayment (payment of amounts less than €6) via 15 payment systems including Audiotel, SMS or any other means (PayPal, prepaid cards, debit on ISP bill, etc.) present in around 50 countries:,
  • Payment by bank card with the possibility to provide bank card payment services and SEPA direct debits to European e-commerce providers thanks to its French payment institution status delivered by the Banque de France and the French Prudential Supervisory Authority.:
  • Direct marketing on the Internet and mobile phone (e-mailing, SMS push, couponing, cash-back, etc.) with the cash-back leader in France with some 5 million unique visitors per month:,,,,, panel&co!. Rentabiliweb also offers targeted advertising operations (affiliation programme and advertising):
  • Telecom services with interactive voice solutions for online and offline media such as company telephone solutions (incoming and outgoing), interactivity solutions (implementation of antenna lines, management of standards, voice mail, voting and competition solutions, etc.). And Business to Machine solutions in alert markets (tele-monitoring, lifts, etc.) as well as payment solutions (motorways, car parks, transport, etc.) :