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Press releases – Finance

BUSINESS IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2013: €15.6 million (-18.6%)

Published 2013-04-18

BUSINESS IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2013: €15.6 million (-18.6%)

The Be2bill e-money offer is carrying the B to B business:
B to B turnover excluding Micro-payment at +38%

Brussels, 18 April 2013, 6:30 PM
Regulated information

The Rentabiliweb Group (ISIN BE0946620946 — Trading symbol: BIL) generated revenue of €15.6 million in the first three months of 2013. In keeping with the Group development strategy, the activities during the quarter were marked by:

  • a 38% increase of the B to B business excluding Micro-payment, proof of the strong commercial dynamism of the Be2bill card payment solution, which is the Group’s priority area of growth and that attracted new customer signatures and strategic partnerships during the quarter.
  • the voluntary continuation of the conversion of Micro-payment customers to payment by card, thereby resulting in an automatic revenue decline. Indeed, the Group recalls that this transition resulted in a change of accounting methods since, with the payments by card, only the commission is booked and no longer the processed volume of business as was the case with Micro-payments;
  • a B to C activity with a focus on developing the Astrology business – that signed a first affiliation contract with one of the leading vendors in France, 20 minutes – but that is still suffering from the difficulties in the Dating market.

Business in the first quarter of 2013

Business in the first quarter of 2013, Rentabiliweb Group

B to B: new structuring steps in the growth of the e-money business

The B to B business stands at €6.8 million, a decline of 3% relative to the first quarter of 2012. Excluding micro-payment, the B to B segment increased by €1.3 million, i.e. +38%, indicative of the strong commercial development of the Be2bill e-money activity, a very promising market in which the Group expects to hold a significant share in the near future.

The Rentabiliweb strategy, that includes massive efforts devoted to launching the e-money activity and no further investments in its Micro-payment activity, has had significant mechanical impacts on the Revenue. Indeed, with Micro-payments, the entire processed business volume is booked in the Group’s sales, whereas with e-money, only the commission resulting from the processed business volume is booked.

As part of its quick development plan for e-money, the Group took several structuring steps during the first quarter, including:

  • obtaining the VISA “Merchant Agent” licence;
  • obtaining the highest security level for banking transactions via the PCI DSS Service Provider level 1 certificate. Rentabiliweb is now protecting its customers from all liability involving the processing of bank data, while guaranteeing to reduce their risk of fraud and financial incidents;
  • the partnership with Evoke for the kick-off of a click & collect solution with integrated payment;
  • and the signing in March of a partnership with the Jaina Capital galaxy of sites for which Rentabiliweb will be the payment operator for national and international collection services. The Be2bill solution is already operational on sites such as,,, etc.

For its part, the Direct marketing activity posted growth of +86%. After the restructuring in 2012, the French wage bill was appreciably reduced in favour of a global optimisation. The Group’s various subsidiaries working in the direct marketing sector have been operationally merged. The legal component of the strategy is in progress. This converging approach to payment issues and marketing loyalty-building is already generating commercial synergies for Be2bill clients.

B to C: anticipated slowdown of Dating and continuing development of Astrology

The B to C activity stood at €8.9 million on 31 March 2013 versus €12.2 million in the first quarter of 2012. Sequentially, the 13% decline is indicative of the change currently in progress in the Dating market.

Having anticipated this change, the Group has concentrated its investments on the development of content for women, well-being and astrology as of 2011. As such, the Group’s astrology subsidiary signed its first affiliation contract with the 20Minutes group in March 2013.


Be2bill is continuing its commercial development. The deployment plan for the e-money activity is totally in line with the expectations of the Group’s management, which is confirming its announced objective of a minimum run rate of €750 million with the card payment activity.

Next communication

Publication of the interim results: 30 July 2013.