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Rentabiliweb is mainly held by its founders, but a significant share of the capital is held by Belgian, French and Anglo-Saxon institutional investors as well as individual investors. The Group is listed on compartment B of Euronext Brussels and Paris under ISIN code BE0946620946 and ticker BIL.

On 31 December 2010, Rentabiliweb’s share capital amounts to €23,299,322.04 and is represented by 17,789,405 shares, without designation of nominal value, all fully paid and each representing 1/17,789,405 of the share capital.

Rentabiliweb’s general meeting voted four share warrant plans. To date, the Board of Directors has attributed 1,275,000 warrants since its creation. Only a part has been accepted. At 31/12/2010, only 6,720 warrants attributed and accepted have been exercised. The company has not issued any convertible bonds. There is one single share class. The Group is eligible for FCPI innovation funds.

BIL is part of the indices BEL Soft. & C.S., BEL technology, BEL small index and BEL small NR.