L'expansion – The Troublemaker of the Web Settles Down

Published 2010-04-01

Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier Tormented by Good Resolutions

After having attracted the upper crust of the CAC 40 (Paris stock exchange index) into his capital, this entrepreneur, who is as controversial as talented, is little by little adopting the social conventions of his shareholders. However, at the same time, this mystic declares that he does not want to “let himself be taken over by the system”.

Rentabiliweb conseillé à l'achat

Published 2010-03-30

Rentabiliweb conseillé à l'achat Conseillé à l'achat le 15 janvier 2010, à 7 €.

Depuis, le titre a gagné 7%. Le groupe spécialisé dans la monétisation de l'audience et l'édition sur Internet a réussi son augmentation de capital et son transfert d'Alternext sur l'Eurolist. Il dévoile des comptes 2009 conformes aux attentes, avec un résultat net de 7,5 millions d'euros. Le groupe vise une amélioration de ses marges en 2010 et une accélération de sa croissance. Nous restons confiants sur une action qui s'échange 13 fois le résultat net attendu en 2010.


JDD - A Millionaire of a New Kind

Published 2010-02-07

Jean-Baptiste Descroix Vernier, millionnaire d'un nouveau genre - JDD Behind the fiasco of the Mailorama cash giveaway, there is an unconventional company head who knows how to make the Internet profitable, while being passionate about religion and agriculture.

HIS IMAGE was shattered one Saturday, at the foot of the Eiffel tower. This was the price paid for the fiasco of a banknote giveaway, which had been organised by Mailorama, a company that he controls. The economic press had depicted Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier as a cool and inspired company head; in the space of a few hours, his name became synonymous with arrogance and exploitation of poverty (...)

Interview with Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier

Published 2010-02-01

Entretien avec Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier Boursier.comToday, we have reached a certain maturity that makes it possible for us to plan a move to Euronext What is the reason for the move to Euronext? It is a new stage in the story of the young company that is Rentabiliweb...

J-B. D-V. : Not as young as all that… Almost 10 years of experience! We have reached a certain maturity that today allows us to plan a move to Euronext under good conditions and the opening of our capital to individual investors (...)

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